Living Life to the Full – An 8-week course that provides caregivers with skills and knowledge to cope with life’s challenges. Groups of 10-15 caregivers come together in community settings to learn from a trained facilitator, and from each other, in order to feel happier, less stressed and more in control of their lives.

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Helene Roussel: 416.977.5580 ext 4135


The SKILL Group (Socialization and Knowledge for Isolated caregivers in remote Locations through digital Literacy), brings together small groups of caregivers in four 40 – 90 minute sessions offered weekly as preparation to ensure that caregivers have the skills needed to take part in any Reitman Program delivered online. to learn basic digital literacy skills prior to joining an online program. Caregivers who complete a SKILL Group will also learn about and have access to an online secured skills enhancing platform.

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Jenny Carlson: 416.586.4800 ext 5882

Training, Education, and Assistance for Caregiving at Home- is offered to caregivers looking after someone with dementia. The Program is delivered in a series of four interactive group sessions offered every other week. Each session addresses a key focus of caregiver need. Each session is 90 minutes long and is facilitated by trained group leaders. Several key elements are emphasized in all sessions: enhancement of caregivers’ skills and competence; caregiver education; attention to each caregiver’s current individual challenges; promotion of caregivers’ resilience, confidence and coping skills; and promotion of group cohesion and mutual support.

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Jenny Carlson: 416.586.4800 ext 5882

The 10 week CARERS Program equips caregivers with the knowledge, skills, communication strategies, and support needed to care for a loved one with dementia. The 10 week program uses simulated patients and is provided in a variety of community-based settings.

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Jenny Carlson: 416.586.4800 ext 5882

  • Dementia 101: understanding dementia, progression, community services
  • Understanding Behaviours and Communication strategies: understanding dementia, communication skills, examining why behaviours occur
  • Caregiver Stress: identifying and exploring strategies related to caregiver stress
  • Long-term care planning
  • Long-distance caregiving
  • Early stage workshops

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Shannon Knelsen: 416.640.6310

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